API Abstraction is key to an API first strategy

Large enterprises have a gap in their API efforts: holding APIs as code is the cause

  • Open up your APIs to a wider audience — to be discovered and consumed by internal (e.g LoBs, product owners) and external (e.g. partners in your API ecosystem) stakeholders
  • Manage, organize and group together thousands of APIs which encapsulate your business capabilities and IT functions, not just 10–100 open APIs
  • Manage different types of APIs and versions for different technologies/runtime environments (e.g. business capability, internal IT, public/partner/3rd party APIs, but also REST, SOAP, events, emerging technologies)
  • Store artifacts which are related to those APIs; such as lineage, mappings, conformance to data models, and security policies (and other common shared services)

What is API abstraction?

  1. A pure abstracted view of the API: This is what we call a Design. A code- and implementation-agnostic view which contains abstracted capabilities of what the API does/will do once realized. Designs are a representation of your business capabilities and technical functions.
  2. A semi-abstracted service representation of the Design: This is what we call a Specification. A technical view of your API which contains implementation-specific technical details e.g. methods with a de-coded payload structure and non-functional requirements. These are versioned, and importantly contain enough detail to be used to generate runtime artifacts off-of (API code, contract, configuration, and documentation), enabling you to get back to the code to actually run the APIs.

Benefits of using API abstraction for a successful API strategy

1. An extended audience for your APIs

  • Business users such as product owners
  • Other technical users
  • Partners
  • What APIs your organization already has
  • How the APIs work
  • Who owns the APIs
  • What the upcoming API versions are

2. APIs can be reused to support new digital products

3. Normalized, consistent and well-governed API code and documentation



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