It’s that time of year again — the ignite API Product Management User Conference is just around the corner. This October 16 and 17 at the Convene Conference Center, a handful of digitalML clients and prospects will meet and greet to discuss success stories and challenges they’ve faced along the digital transformation journey.

Read on for the top five reasons anyone interested in API Product Management should not miss this exciting and notoriously insightful event, where the forerunners of digital market leadership come together to share their secrets about the successful implementation of API Product Management.

1. Swap API Product strategy and best practices with noncompetitors.

The thing about API Management is, it’s all so new, there aren’t a ton of proven resources out there yet. Those making strides aren’t advertising the implementation, choosing rather to keep their strategy on the hush.

The ignite API Product Management User Conference provides a place where enterprise customers and prospects can meet peers going through the very same digital transformation challenges without the risk of giving away proprietary details.

While it’s true every enterprise offers a variety of services and products, we find that many look the same on the inside. By talking to similar roles beyond your vertical, or even horizontal market, you’re able to discuss strategy without having to worry about sharing too much with direct competitors.

2. Learn step-by-step how to tackle IT modernization and digital transformation.

We all know the what: APIs — everything digital hinges on them. But few know the how: best practices, API strategy, API tactical, the internal use of APIs and how those APIs are being used, managed, and leveraged for revenue. The list goes on.

The first wave of APIs was all about the external APIs; whether they were built for developers (API.AI), B2B partnerships (SimpleVisa API), or consumer-facing digital experiences (Netflix API). These APIs have generated new revenue streams and earned millions for their owners, beit through call charges, direct services, or new revenue streams opened via newly-developed innovations.

But now the second wave of APIs has begun, and it brings promise of far greater earnings.

As it turns out, it’s the internal layer of business capability APIs and miniservices that seems to be really unlocking success in digital transformation — and that’s where we come in, by providing a platform where your portfolio is right next to your lifecycle, so you have everything you need to design, build, and manage great API Products.

We will cover the strategic and tactical around what it takes to get to your greatest potential state, with a holistic portfolio of APIs ready to plug in and go. We will also go over how this portfolio unlocks powerful dashboards on your digital assets; what you have, what you don’t have, what you need, and what to prioritize.

3. Network with peers at other Fortune 500 brands.

You want to speak to someone who is going through the challenges you’re going through. And that includes the size and sheer complexity of working for a large brand.

We hold a unique niche in the enterprise space — all of our customers are dealing with incredibly complicated business models.

Some are solving for breaking up monolithic into business capabilities and moving to the cloud, and others for mapping and integration across Lines of Business, across disparate systems after mergers and acquisitions, and even across regions speaking different languages.

You’ll be able to meet others who are going through the same logic problems as you, true — but also you’ll meet others whose problems are of the same size and complexity.

We understand the value of those conversations, and we have done our best to bring our largest enterprise customers to the event, so they can all mingle over challenges and best practices. We have even asked a handful of our clients to lead sessions and/or discussions, and there will be time for questions after each session.

Past presenters: (CNA, IRS, Anthem, Nordstrom, Allstate, MetLife, T-Mobile and more)

4. Take a peek at the ignite release and roadmap.

With our latest release of ignite 6.0, we now have the most comprehensive lifecycle on the market. From Plan, Design, Build, to Run, we are able to provide your enterprise with the most robust view of your full end-to-end story.

Lean about the new ignite Plan stage that works to bring Business and IT closer together, with a tour first first-time users, as well as new portfolio views to get the planning and ideation gears moving.

ignite users will also learn about a new runtime offering that will save our customers millions of dollars if they choose to test products with our open-source option that connects directly to the model and building blocks. This means a clearer roadmap as you choose which API Products to deploy and scale up, and which to retire, also giving you much more room to create more test products.

We’ll also cover our industry-specific Foundation Packs, which have created quite a buzz — they are essentially an API Portfolio starter kit per industry that businesses can purchase and use while they build out their own products into the API Portfolio. Complete with a domain-based information model, taxonomy model, and business glossary, making integration across regions and lines of business a well-managed reality.

There’s plenty more to learn about the new updates, as well as the future roadmap. We hope you’ll join us for this session to take advantage of the fantastic new offerings and join the conversation as we discuss future features.

5. UNLIMITED Coffee (no, seriously)

Network with your peers at cocktail hour — a perfect setting to mingle as you discuss the pains of monolithic duplication and the benefits of reuse, automation, and flatter, lightweight nature of decoupled microservices architecture.

All jokes aside, the Convene Center is a great, edgy space in the backdrop of New York City’s vibrant Park Avenue, and you’re sure to enjoy yourself as you pick up the latest API Product Management trends and practices in a comfortable setting with great company and good noshing.

Each year the conference is held, everyone in attendance leaves with a new sense of direction. And this year we have great surprises in store — updates to the platform, new tools and dashboards that will save your teams time and money, customer speakers eager to share their tactical success stories, and an engaging crowd of IT and C-Suite professionals implementing model API strategies to transform their companies into the digital market leaders of the world. We look forward to seeing you there!

To learn more, please visit our ignite User Conference information page, and to register now, request an invite here.

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